mama mojo

Mama Mojo

I Am Great at Beginning Things. I am great at beginning things: books, projects, movies, exercise regimens, dinner. I am not great at finishing things. Somewhere along the way, I lose interest, momentum, motivation, courage. I get bored. Or distracted. Or scared. Or determine that the thing I have set out to do is bigger […]

How Can I Help You?

I Like to Make Things Easy for People My husband and my children may say otherwise.  And maybe a select handful of friends.  Perhaps my sisters.  And maaaybe some of my work colleagues. But in general, I try to make other people’s lives easier. I recently had to run errands on a Sunday.  Since I […]

Raptors and Hovercrafts

I hate bath time.  Anyone else? Before I had kids, I thought that bath time would be a soothing, relaxing end to a long day.  And that after getting their baths, my children would easily slip into their pajamas and then sit at my feet and watch me attentively while I read them a book.  […]

The Great Pursuit

Last night, as I was getting the boys’ school bags ready for the week, I found Max’s Spiderman watch. The one that Santa bought him for Christmas. The one he wore for weeks straight, taking it off only to bathe. The one I searched for frantically, tearing the house apart after he lost it because […]

What Does Your Brave Look Like?

At 12:50 this afternoon, my Fitbit vibrated gently against my wrist, reminding me to take 250 steps. I am determined to beat my sisters in our weekly Fitbit walking challenge, so I walked. Not two hours later, I learned that a classmate of mine from graduate school– an accomplished scholar and historian– was recently diagnosed […]