Do It Anyway

Do you have a friend that you’ve known for only a short while but that your spirit recognizes from another lifetime? I do.  And I had dinner with her recently (and our husbands, but they’re not relevant) and over cocktails she listened as the pieces of my broken heart came tumbling out of my mouth […]

Radical Faith

Luke asked me recently why we have to go to mass every Sunday.  “It’s so boring!” he protested.  And then he negotiated.  “If you like it so much, you should go alone.  We just distract you with our whining and misbehaving.” Later that afternoon, I was working while the boys played with Legos.  Every now […]

Joy and Grief

One month ago today, my husband and I sat in a dark ultrasound room with stupid, silly smiles on our faces as the technician confirmed that the little baby bouncing around in my belly was indeed a girl.  A daughter that we had named after my mother and sister with the great hope that she […]