The Village People

I would love to carpe the diem out of every single day.  Hell, most of the time I would settle to just carpe a few hours a week. But it’s easier said than done.  For starters, we have three (soon to be four) kids.  So our attention is already divided.  On top of that, we have bills and […]

The Days Are Hard

Dear Littles: Today was a hard day.  I’m not sure if it was any worse than any of our other hard days, but it certainly felt to me like it was.  You are all asleep now– tucked away under your matching Star Wars comforters, faces still sticky with sweat because I was just too tired […]

mama mojo

Mama Mojo

I Am Great at Beginning Things. I am great at beginning things: books, projects, movies, exercise regimens, dinner. I am not great at finishing things. Somewhere along the way, I lose interest, momentum, motivation, courage. I get bored. Or distracted. Or scared. Or determine that the thing I have set out to do is bigger […]

How Can I Help You?

I Like to Make Things Easy for People My husband and my children may say otherwise.  And maybe a select handful of friends.  Perhaps my sisters.  And maaaybe some of my work colleagues. But in general, I try to make other people’s lives easier. I recently had to run errands on a Sunday.  Since I […]

The Great Pursuit

Last night, as I was getting the boys’ school bags ready for the week, I found Max’s Spiderman watch. The one that Santa bought him for Christmas. The one he wore for weeks straight, taking it off only to bathe. The one I searched for frantically, tearing the house apart after he lost it because […]

I Haven’t Always Been

I recently overhead the young people at the office discussing their plans for St. Patrick’s Day. Some of them mentioned friends who would be waking up at 5:30 a.m. to start a day of indulgent revelry. Just hearing this made me feel very tired and a little nauseous. But mostly confused. WHY WOULD ANYONE GET […]