showing up

Showing Up

My husband was away this past weekend and on Sunday afternoon my sister stopped by with two piping hot lattes in hand and a snowman-shaped sugar cookie for each of the boys. I’m sure she intended to stay only briefly, just long enough to assess my emotional and mental state since the past few weeks […]


The boys found my makeup brushes in the bathroom this morning and asked what they were for.  They were confused by my answer. “Mama,” Luke said,  “why would you want to cover yourself up?  You shouldn’t have to.” And then, pointing to all of the spots on my face — the result of sun damage, […]

Five Weeks

Would you rather be the biggest fish in the ocean or the smallest bird in the sky? This is the question I asked the boys the other day, trying to get them to stop whining about how bored they were in the car. Their responses were, for the most part, predictable. Luke chose to be […]

Do It Anyway

Do you have a friend that you’ve known for only a short while but that your spirit recognizes from another lifetime? I do.  And I had dinner with her recently (and our husbands, but they’re not relevant) and over cocktails she listened as the pieces of my broken heart came tumbling out of my mouth […]

Radical Faith

Luke asked me recently why we have to go to mass every Sunday.  “It’s so boring!” he protested.  And then he negotiated.  “If you like it so much, you should go alone.  We just distract you with our whining and misbehaving.” Later that afternoon, I was working while the boys played with Legos.  Every now […]

Joy and Grief

One month ago today, my husband and I sat in a dark ultrasound room with stupid, silly smiles on our faces as the technician confirmed that the little baby bouncing around in my belly was indeed a girl.  A daughter that we had named after my mother and sister with the great hope that she […]

The Village People

I would love to carpe the diem out of every single day.  Hell, most of the time I would settle to just carpe a few hours a week. But it’s easier said than done.  For starters, we have three (soon to be four) kids.  So our attention is already divided.  On top of that, we have bills and […]

The Days Are Hard

Dear Littles: Today was a hard day.  I’m not sure if it was any worse than any of our other hard days, but it certainly felt to me like it was.  You are all asleep now– tucked away under your matching Star Wars comforters, faces still sticky with sweat because I was just too tired […]

Watering the Plants

A few months ago, we had to put down our beloved dog Roxie. It was quick and unexpected and altogether heart-shattering.  A few days later, our vet thoughtfully delivered a plant to our house which we placed on top of the piano where it is highly visible and receives a lot of sunlight.  I have […]

mama mojo

Mama Mojo

I Am Great at Beginning Things. I am great at beginning things: books, projects, movies, exercise regimens, dinner. I am not great at finishing things. Somewhere along the way, I lose interest, momentum, motivation, courage. I get bored. Or distracted. Or scared. Or determine that the thing I have set out to do is bigger […]