The boys found my makeup brushes in the bathroom this morning and asked what they were for.  They were confused by my answer.

“Mama,” Luke said,  “why would you want to cover yourself up?  You shouldn’t have to.”

And then, pointing to all of the spots on my face — the result of sun damage, stress, pregnancy, worry and age– he said:

“Why do you need to hide those to do your job?”

I told him that I completely agreed with him.  I can have blemished skin and still be all the things I’m called to be in this life.  The one has nothing to do with the other.

So I didn’t put makeup on this morning.  And all of my boys still kissed me and told me that they loved me before I left for work.

Imagine that.  

I hope that each of you has the courage to reveal yourself— whatever that may mean– and people to remind you of your beauty and value when you do.



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